[ROM] Material X – Powered by XINHXINH

Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-02-34 Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-02-43 Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-02-49 Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-03-16 Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-03-25 Screenshot_2012-12-31-23-04-09 Screenshot_2014-12-08-17-54-49


* Android Lollipop UI

* Android Lollipop Boot Animation

* Smooth and Stable

* Pre-rooted

* Deodexed

* Dual 3G

* Pre-installed Busybox

* Xposed Installer

* Init-d Tweaked

* Better Battery Backup

* Low RAM Consumption

* Fast Internet Surfing Experience

* Zipaligned

* Entropy-generator

* Promised Future Update from Officail Material+ Devs

* Made-Easy Settings with access to SuperSu, Xposed, Performance Control, Engineering Mode.

–> let’s flash it & feeling !

Installation Process:

The installation process is quite tedious. But what is five minutes to spare if you’ll get a great rom , right? So here is the detailed process:

1. Reboot to recovery

2. Perform a backup on CTR recovery (Required) (my backup is from AOSP)

3. Wipe Cache Partition

4. Wipe Dalvik Cache

5. Wipe Data

6. Click Install Zip

7. Choose X1 Zip from SD card

8. Locate the zip file to your SD

9. Flash it


11. Reboot

12. Reboot again to recovery

13. Click Backup and Restore

14. Click the most current backup

15. Click Advance Restore

16. Click Restore Data

17. Wait

17 Reboot & Enjoy

*Please follow the installation procedure. If you did not advance restore the data, playstore will have bugs so please follow it.



update v1.1


Official V2 (Update) from Material+ 

  • New icon pack (lollipop inspired)
  • Some New System apps
  • Updated System UI
  • Updated Framework
  • Updated System apps
  • Updated Settings
  • Updated Performance control app
  • Updated Xpose app
  • Data speed meter on default
  • Dolby digital

Procedure: (how to flash update)

1. V1 Must be installed

2. Download the zip

3. Reboot to recovery

4. Flash the rom

5. Wipe dalvik cache

6. Reboot

update v2.0


update v2.1


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