[Guide] Unpack-Repack Boot, Recovery .img without Kitchen


This is the easiest way to unpack .img files with extracted ramdisk. So, Lets Start

At first Download the tool from HERE

For MTK (chineese) phones – use MTK_unpack.bat (MTK_pack.bat)
For android standard phones – use STD_unpack.bat (STD_pack.bat)

Here I am showing you about MTK (chineese) phones .img unpack-repack….


1. Extract the file in any where you want
2. You will see this files

3. Then Copy your .img file in this folder like this
Remember the file should be named as boot.img or recovery.img

4. Just Drag and Drop .img files into unpack.bat for unpacking. Then you will see this.

5. A folder will be created there. I unpacked boot.img so here is the all file you want

6. To repack, again just drag and drop the folder into pack.bat. you will see this

7. New .img file created. Rename it as you want. So All done. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “[Guide] Unpack-Repack Boot, Recovery .img without Kitchen

  1. Sau khi repack boot.img thì tôi nhận được 1 file có tên new_image.img nhưng dung lượng lại nhẹ hơn rất nhiều so với file boot.img cũ. Như vậy liệu có đúng k bạn ?


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