*Before anything else, make sure to have a Back-up.


– Rooted Phone

– Root Explorer or anything related

– Your New Icons (make sure you’re using “.png” images for your icons)


1. Extract SystemUI.apk using Root Explorer

(see “How to Extract .apk files” tut)

2. Open extracted file – go to res>>>drawable-hdpi (this may vary per device. check where your icons are located. it may be under drawable-xhdpi, drawable-xxhdpi, drawable-mpdi, or the like)

3. Make sure to change the file name of your “New Icons” to the original file name of the icon that you want to replace or the system won’t be able to recognize it.


– New icon name is “abc.png”

– Name of icon to be replaced is “stat_sys_wifi_signal.png”

– Then, Rename abc.png to stat_sys_wifi_signal.png

*USUAL FILE NAMES of ICONS to look for (this may vary)


– stat_sys_battery_0.png

-up to-

– stat_sys_battery_100.png

*** Charging Animation

– stat_sys_battery_charge_anim.png

-up to-

– stat_sys_battery_charge_anim_100.png or

– stat_sys_battery_charge_anim_full.png


– stat_sys_gemini_signal_0.png

-up to-

– stat_sys_gemini_signal_4_white.png

(*Note: some devices have multi-colored network signal theme. you can replace one or all of them if you prefer)



-up to-

– stat_sys_wifi_signal_4_fully.png

4. After replacing the icons, you can now zip SystemUI

5. Set permission to

[rw][ ][ ]

[r][ ][ ]

[r][ ][ ]

6. Push it back to /system/app/HERE

7. Reboot.


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