[ROM] ZEN UI (Mod) | Port by HUYNH TUAN

1517526_609118372533078_5027034629225900860_n 1544407_609118062533109_8633152831667687443_n 1896837_609118275866421_3528710039455860077_n 1911848_609118099199772_5189657808412491079_n 10689673_609118202533095_8858348248864823653_n

Download :


Installation Process:

1. Reboot to recovery

2. Perform a backup on CTR recovery (Required) (my backup is from AOSP)

3. Wipe Cache Partition

4. Wipe Dalvik Cache

5. Wipe Data

6. Click Install Zip

7. Choose Zip from SD card

8. Locate the zip file to your SD

9. Flash it


11. Reboot

12. Reboot again to recovery

13. Click Backup and Restore

14. Click the most current backup

15. Click Advance Restore

16. Click Restore Data

17. Wait

17 Reboot & Enjoy


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