[GUIDE] How To Port MTK ROMs [For All Chipsets]

I bought Micromax A106 Unite 2 in May and rooted it of of course. Because I never had an experience with MTK before, I didn’t know about MTK porting. I looked into it’s system folders and other. Also I have asked my friends like Rohan Tanejafor help. He helped me much in learning of MTK porting. Finally I was able to port ROMs without any bugs. I have already posted about this in XDA, but I thought posting in blog will make it much easier for people to comment because I have enabled Anonymous commenting so users can comment here without even putting their name. I will try to explain this guide in brief as I can so I don’t think anyone will have doubts left. In case if you have any doubts you can post your comment and I will reply it as soon as possible.
This is for all MT65xx chipsets including:

This guide is only for MTK! This will work from same chip to same chip for example MT6582 to MT6582 or MT6577 to MT6577.

Some devices have different partitions to flash and the ROM you might flash can brick your phone. It can even hard brick your phone. So it is recommended that you do a ReadBack, ClockWorkMod Backup and MTK Droid Root & Tools backup. I am not responsible for bricked phones!!

What you need to port a ROM to your device [Your chipset to Your Chipset only]:

  • A ROM to port [in .zip].
  • Your stock ROM [extracted with /system and build.prop].
How To Port ROMs to your Phone:
  • Extract the ROM to port and you will have these main things:
  • If you have them then you are ready for next step.
  • Open /system folder of stock and rom to port.
  • Open bin folder of stock ROM and copy these files:
  • Now replace these files in ROM to Port‘s /System/Bin folder.
  • Open lib folder of Stock ROM and get these files:
  • Replace all the files mention above to ROM to Port‘s /system/lib folder.
  • Now open Stock ROM’s /system/etc/ folder and copy these files:
  • Now replace these files in ROM to port‘s /system/etc folder.
  • Delete these folders from ROM to Port:
  • Replace these folders from Stock ROM to ROM to Port:
  • The final step! Press back button to go to the main folder where you have the Stock ROM. Copy boot.img [FromStock ROM]and replace it with the ROM to Port‘s.
You are ready! Go ahead and flash the ROM! Problems or you are feeling confused? You can comment out here and tell me your problem or you can also comment if your ported ROM has bugs.

[GUIDE] How To Port PhilZ/CTR/CWM/TWRP Recovery to your Phone

here are now many recoveries for MTK and my favourite recovery till now is PhilZ  recovery. Carliv Touch Recovery is also one of the best recoveries which MTK phones have. TWRP and COT exists too, but for me philZ is the best recovery. There’re 3 ways to port. One is to compile which is the best, but tough for some newbies. Another one is port manually which I will be explaining here and the last one is using automatic CTR porting tool, PhilZ porting tool and Cwm porting tool.
I will be explaining about CTR/twrp/philz/cot porting guide, manually and automatically both.
I prefer you to use the tool because it is less time consuming and works almost with every phone. Use manual porting only if you want learn about Android and other things, or I might say for educational purpose.

Manual Porting Guide [Will work with CTR/CWM/TWRP/Philz etc]

  • Download CTR from this thread: Click here. Download TWRP/COT/philZ from any mtk device with same resolutions.
  • Make sure you have your stock recovery. You can get it with a ReadBack or MTK Droid Root and Tools backup.
  • Now download MTK Boot/Recovery image unpack tool from here.
  • Extract this tool in one folder.
  • Put the images [carliv recovery and stock] in that folder which has extracted tools.
  • Now drag and drop stock recovery to MTK_unpack.bat file.
  • Same with the case of Custom Recovery.
  • Now open the folder of stock recovery folder and open a folder rmdsk in it.
  • Copy these files:
  • Open etc folder and copy recovery.fstab file too.
  • Now replace these files in the Custom recovery with the same directories.
  • Now go back and copy these files from the main folder in which you have your stock recovery’s extracted rmdsk and kernel files:
  • Replace these files in the Custom Recovery too.
  • Now go back to the main folder where you extracted the tool and .IMGs files.
  • Drag and drop the CTR folder to MTK_pack.bat file.
  • You’re done! Now try flashing!
Automatic porting tools
This is what I have found after googling about recoveries!
TWRP Recovery Porting Tool: No Link Found.
PHilz Recovery Porting Tool: Click here.
CWM Recovery Porting Tool: Click here. I will suggest you to use MTK Droid Root and Tools [Latest one].
CTR Recovery Porting Tool: Click here.